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Casey Cockayne

Published: 1st October 2020

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Casey is one of our Apprentice Alumni who completed her Customer Liaison Apprenticeship with the South Yorkshire Housing Association.

I started my apprenticeship in 2017 when I was 17, and now I’m 20. My mum saw the apprenticeship advertised on the Sheffield College website.

I started in the Customer Connect team with my apprenticeship as a customer liaison apprentice. That was dealing with customer feedback and really helped me with my confidence up a lot. When I first started, I had never really picked up the phone and spoken to anyone before – I was so nervous and shaking. Now I am doing calls as the first point of the business which is a big step, and I’ve come on quite a lot!

Then, I got a role as a customer advisor. I like being able to speak to customers and help them – if we can resolve it at the first point, then we don’t have to pass them about and get people to call back. If we can speak and help them straight away, then they have a good impression of us.

My favourite thing about working at South Yorkshire Housing Association is the people – everyone is always nice and willing to help you. It is really different to what I have done before.

I am due to start my new role as a Facilities Co-ordinator soon, and I’m excited about the challenges it will bring – it is a brand new role! I’m really looking forward to seeing how I can make it my own.

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