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Roshani Bagnall

Published: 8th November 2021

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I started the level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship in April 2018. At the time I was working as a Clinical Lead Physiotherapist and Team Leader, part of a Community Therapy Team. Career progression as a Physio resulted in roles that moved away from clinical work to more managerial and leadership duties. I was informed about the level 5 ILM Apprenticeship and applied with the purpose of growing in confidence, skills and knowledge in Leadership and Management that improved my work performance and create opportunities for career progression.

The Apprenticeship was intense and challenging. I learnt a tremendous amount and benefited not just from the knowledge aspect but application of the skills component which provided greater insight and understanding into my role and the bigger picture of Sheffield Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust’s (STHFT's) vision and objectives.

The Apprenticeship was transformational in increasing my confidence and performance as a team leader with feedback from staff and other stakeholders including managers. I was provided with opportunities to be involved with service development, with the successful delivery of my project that improved practice and created savings that was re-invested into clinical time. I wrote the operational plan for the service linked to the neighbourhood team I was leading that ensure SMART objectives were set to align to STHFT and NHS England plans. I gained understanding of Finances and set my first budget for the project. The ILM Apprenticeship was key in realising and working to achieve my full potential.

I completed my ILM Apprenticeship in October 2021 achieving a distinction. The 1:1 with my ILM tutor was integral in the imbedding of knowledge and skills and understanding the needs and expectations of the course. Following the completion of my Apprenitceship I have had the opportunity to apply for a secondment as Operational Lead for a community rehab service. It was the first time that I realised and was encouraged when applying for the job, that I met all the persons specification’s, benefiting from completing the ILM Apprenticeship. I was successful at the interview resulting in me starting as Operational lead and being promoted. The ILM level 5 Apprenticeship has created more opportunities for me and has been a catalyst in working towards and achieving my career goals and aspirations and for that I am grateful.

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