Case Studies

The Horbury Group

Published: 3rd November 2020

Sector of study

How has The Sheffield College improved your business?

“I first met the senior team of The College at a business briefing and was very impressed by the fact that they were willing to engage with business and try and find out what business needed. They held several meetings with our directors and really assisted us to come up with our strategy for the future.”

Why are Apprentices important to your business?

“Apprenticeships are now becoming an important part of any business, given the fact that the Apprentice Levy Scheme has now been introduced.”

What benefits have Apprenticeships brought to The Horbury Group?

“The fact that these young people are coming through the doors will bring good and new ideas to the company.”

Why have you chosen to invest in Apprentices?

“It’s extremely important for us to invest in developing our workforce, we have quite a high percentage of middle-aged to older employees, and we need to bring through a younger generation who can build for our future.”

Why have you enjoyed working with The Sheffield College?

“I’ve enjoyed working with The Sheffield College, they’ve assisted greatly with the recruitment process by producing the actual job adverts we can then advertise internally.”

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