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Freddie McDonnell

Published: 2nd November 2021

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Straight off the back of his win in the Engineering Apprentice: Final Year category, at the North East Yorkshire and Humberside MAKE UK Manufacturing Awards ceremony, we sat down with Freddie McDonnell, one of our current Mechanical Engineering Apprentices to find out why he choose to pursue an Apprenticeship after leaving secondary school.


Why did you choose to study an Apprenticeship with The Sheffield College?

I knew that I wanted to undertake an Engineering Apprenticeship as I learn better in a hands on environment. After searching for vacancies, I finally found one advertised by the college and they seemed like a good provider to train with.

What are the most important skills that you have gained on your Apprenticeship so far?

Definitley being able to work in and manage a team. As a part of my role this is something I do daily and really contributes to the work we produce.

Do you have any comments about your Training Assessment Facilitator (TAF)/ Work-based Learning Assessor (WBA)?

All the tutors and staff were really nice and helpful throughout my apprenticship, however a special shout out goes to My TAF who has been extremely helpful throughout my Apprenticeship; I wouldn't have been able to make it this far without him.

How have you found working for your employer?

My employer (OSL Cutting Technologies) has been incredibly supportive and they have helped me so much to become the person I am today. They are always wanting to see me do my best and take on new, exciting challenges each day.

What facilities have you enjoyed using or found particularly useful during your Apprenticeship?

Working with CNC machines and learning how to set, operate and program them has been particularly useful to me. This is one aspect of engineering I find most interesting. Using these facilities has made me more competent in the world of work.

What would you like to do when you complete your current Apprenticeship?

My current job is team leader of our CNC turning department, and I am going to start my level 4 HNC later next year. I love my job and it is a great step for me and my career. I love being a team player and implementing improvements into the business that saves them time and money.

Do you feel like your Apprenticeship has prepared you to take the next step in your education or career?

It has definitely helped me with regards to my career. Doing an Apprenticship has allowed me to get a hands on experience with engineering tasks, and helped me integrate into the world of work much easier.

Any other comments

Apprenticeships are incredibly important and a great alternative to education, post-secondary school.

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