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Elizabeth Askam

Published: 10th November 2020

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Higher Diploma in Floristry (ICSF) Level 4

Why you chose to study at The Sheffield College

The Sheffield college gave me the opportunity to gain a degree qualification without going to university. The course was held in a smaller class environment with one-to-one support from a tutor. The Sheffield college also opens opportunities to students outside of the campus environment. This gave me the ability to study and live in the vibrant city of Sheffield.

What were the most important skills you learnt on your course?

The Higher Diploma in Floristry helped to build on my existing skills base and skills yet to be discovered. Expanding my knowledge of commercial awareness, botanical concepts, organisation, and self-confidence. These are a few of the skills I learnt and developed over the course.

Do you have any comments on the tutors who taught/supported you during your time here?

The tutors are outstanding. They brought their experience of the industry to the classroom. With the use of innovative ideas and, academic and practical techniques.

My tutor enabled me to make my own choices, supporting my work through the course.

Were there any facilities you found particularly useful when doing your course and why?

The classroom facilities were everything I needed. The hive of activity was consistently inspirational. The study spaces were also useful for moments where you needed to reflect and concentrate quietly on your work.

What do you do now, where do you do it and what do you like most about it? / What are you hoping to do when you leave The Sheffield College?

I am the assistant manager at Plantology Floral Creations. I enjoy overseeing the daily running of the business, sourcing botanical materials from wholesalers, staff training, creating bespoke orders designs for weddings, funerals and events, throughout the Sheffield region and beyond. Taking it all in my stride while supporting our wonderful team! When I leave The Sheffield College, I am hopeful I will return to complete the Level 5 Master Diploma of Professional Floristry (NDSF).

What are your biggest achievements since leaving/related to your course at The Sheffield College?

I have achieved more than I ever imagined since leaving The Sheffield College. Firstly the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) asked me to film a short video about my Floristry career. Secondly, I received an award from the British Florist Association (BFA) for the highest theory marks in the Level 4 exam. I could not ask for more.

How did/will your time at The Sheffield College help you to get the career that you have now/want?

With the aid and support of The Sheffield College I now have the confidence to pursue the career and opportunities I want. The course has given me drive and additional passion.

What advice do you have for students studying a similar course to you?

Transferable skills and keeping up to date with training and knowledge are key to be a step ahead. Study hard. Be open to new things, prepare, plan, and execute to the best of your ability.

My tutor Joanne Biddle once said, “You will only get out what you put in”.

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