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Published: 3rd November 2020

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Why has CTL Seal decided to recruit Apprentices?

“The population for the shop floor is getting older and older, the skills are getting less and less. The Transfer from old down to new is the necessity to the industry as well as the local economy.”

How have you found working with The Sheffield College?

“The role of the Apprentice in plain CTL is quite critical, straight from the shop floor up to project managers, but the moment we sat down with The Sheffield College they were happy to listen. We’ve been to other colleges, they were a bit too structured for our liking. In the industry, there’s got to be for flexibility to understand what the shop floor needs, what the business model needs and that’s why we chose The Sheffield College.”

What do you feel Apprentices bring to the workplace?

“What an Apprentice does, is I feel they bring an energy to the place. For the older guys to look down and have some sort of value, some sort of contribution to their training, standing back and seeing someone who can’t pick a hand ruck up the right way to the end of their four-year Apprenticeship where they’re running the machines and they’re signing off inspection forms.”

“When you see the old chaps having a look at that it’s quite a warm feeling for them.”

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