Meet the Tutor - Nico Pigan

Published: 9th July 2024

Meet Nico Pigan, our new Work Based Learning Tutor & Assessor for plumbing and domestic heating Apprenticeships here at The Sheffield College.

Originally from Leicester, Nico decided to join the military straight after his GCSEs. Over 12 years, he navigated through a variety of roles, both operational and non-operational, across the UK and overseas. This diverse experience gave him a large set of transferable skills that enabled him to excel in any career he pursued. However, at the age of 28, Nico felt compelled to start a new career!

Transitioning from military life, Nico started his new journey in gas engineering. From working on new-build houses to handling gas leaks and even sharing a drink with Prince William, Nico’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Now, as a tutor and assessor, Nico brings this wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. Whether debunking industry myths or guiding learners through new territory, Nico provides relevance and insight to all.

We asked Nico, why he thinks people should consider an Apprenticeship? He expressed that “for younger learners, it’s an opportunity to earn while learning, gaining valuable experience both on the job and in the classroom. And for those seeking a career change, it’s a brilliant way to start a new career path whilst still being able to earn a living.”

We also asked Nico, what are the benefits of studying your Apprenticeship - here at The Sheffield College? Nico stated that “at The Sheffield College all the training and assessing is done here, and there is no need to travel to external agencies for assessments. Our team has a very wide range of knowledge and is always here to help!”

Having only stepped away from his tools in January of this year, his knowledge is fresh and up-to-date, offering Apprentices a unique perspective on the plumbing and heating trade.

With a diverse range of expertise, learners will never be short of support and employers will always have an expert available to help! So, if you’re thinking of doing a plumbing and domestic heating Apprenticeship, join Nico and The Sheffield College, Apprenticeship+ team on your new journey.

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