About us

Welcome to Apprenticeships+

Are you wanting to break into a career and industry by training and gaining qualifications in the workplace?

Perhaps you are an employer who needs to recruit new talent to fill urgent skills shortages and want fresh ideas and talent to mould to the needs of your business to support growth?

Apprenticeships+ is a service that supports employers to get the skills they need and enables our Apprentices to become highly employable.

It’s home to The Sheffield College’s faculty responsible for Apprenticeships and training.

As the largest provider of Apprenticeships in Sheffield and The South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, we are an anchor institution in the city supporting students, communities, employers and the economy.

We work with approximately 900 employers training more than 2,700 Apprentices across 50+ Apprenticeship programmes.

Our Apprentices develop the practical skills to go further in their careers and earn as they learn in the workplace.

Employers benefit from Apprenticeships because they get access to tailored skillsets, fresh ideas and can recruit from a diverse pool of talented students.

Research commissioned by the College has shown that for every £1 that students forgo whilst undertaking an Apprenticeship, they receive £6.20 in higher future wages.

Employers receive £1.30 in return for every £1 invested in the College’s Apprentices, as those Apprentices become more competent, skilled and productive.

Former College Apprentices employed in the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (formally Sheffield City Region) workforce in 2017/18 contributed £9.2 million in added income. Source: EMSI Economic Impact Study 2019

Further surveying of Apprentices who studied with us in 2020/21 has found that:

  • 99% of Apprentices who studied with us in 2020/2021 progressed on to a positive destination (full-time work, further education, or another Apprenticeship)

  • 88% of Apprentices surveyed confirmed that their Apprenticeship had given them a clearer idea for their employment future

  • 56% of Apprentices stated that their Apprenticeship had enabled them to gain a promotion

  • 61% of Apprentices stated that their Apprenticeship had enabled them to be given a pay rise

  • 91% of Apprentices stated that their Apprenticeship had enabled them to reach work related goals and targets

  • 84% of Apprentices stated that they had taken on extra responsibilities

Today’s Apprenticeships are available in a wide range of industries and professions.

Specifically we offer Apprenticships across the following sectors: animal care, business, construction, childcare and education, engineering, floristry, hairdressing, health and social care, hospitality and catering, IT and computing, leadership and management, and science and dental.

To view the various Apprenticeship standards on offer click here.