Inspirational Journey of an Apprentice to a Managing Director

Published: 19th June 2024

From a young age, Alicia had big dreams of being independent. She wanted to learn to drive, move out and go into work at the earliest opportunity. She also wanted the finer things in life, like luxury holidays, nice cars and eating out at the best restaurants.

Whilst at School, Alicia was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome – both diagnoses affected her reading and writing capabilities, meaning she had to work incredibly hard in a number of certain subject areas. Her hard work and dedication paid off and she achieved the grades she needed to start her Apprenticeship.

Five days after leaving school she started her Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship with the Proper Pasty Company. Alicia said:

Starting work was a whole new experience, totally unknown. I suddenly had to navigate getting to work for 8.30 in a morning, using the trusty old public transport, which we all know doesn’t always run on time…”

During her first Apprenticeship, Alicia had the opportunity to develop and grow her skills, stating:

I learnt a lot in this role. A lot of my firsts were done here - my first order, my first customer meeting, formal email, phone call, complaint, interaction with colleagues, and my first mistake.

After 12 months, Alicia finished her Apprenticeship with the Proper Pasty Company, but realised she had a desire to learn more in the academic and corporate world. She decided to do a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, once again but this time with Secure Power.

Alicia’s role varied significantly during her second Apprenticeship, from making cups of tea to speaking to clients about their orders.

After completing her Apprenticeship, Alicia was offered a role in the service and maintenance division at Secure Power and was tasked to grow and manage this area of the business with one of her colleagues. Over the next few years, they grew the area substantially and she progressed within the team:

I worked my way up through the ranks within the service division, going from sales executive to maintenance coordinator, service manager and then Head of Service and Operations.”

Six months ago, Alicia became Managing Director of Secure Power after 8 years of working her way up and experiencing different areas within the business. Her new role includes ensuring that the business and the people within Secure Power are successful.

Reflecting on her career so far and how she has been able to achieve such incredible things by the age of 25, Alicia has said:

Textbooks and case studies help assist you with the facts, but the doing is what teaches you the most. An Apprenticeship gives you both tools, creating a base for the ideal career.

Looking into the future, Alicia stated:

I hope to inspire young people and help them see the opportunities there are from an Apprenticeship.

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