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Secure Power Ltd

Published: 26th June 2024

Come along for our chat with Nathan Clarke, Head of Service at Secure Power Ltd, about their Apprenticeships and the impact of their partnership with The Sheffield College, Apprenticeships+.  

Secure Power Ltd specialise in the installation of maintenance of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Dedicated to developing local talent, Secure Power supports Apprenticeships in Business Administration Level 2 and 3, reinforcing their commitment to personal growth and development. 

To understand why Secure Power Ltd chose The Sheffield College, Apprenticeships+, as their training provider, we asked Nathan about their decision-making process.

Nathan explained, “We are big believers in local talent and progression through the business. Our Managing Director started out as an Apprentice!” He added, “We have used The Sheffield College for a number of years and have had a consistently good experience.”

When discussing what Secure Power looks for in an Apprentice, Nathan emphasised, “We look mainly for a willingness to learn in our Apprentices.” He further mentioned, “The environments Apprentices’ step into are completely new to them, and learning how to act properly in a professional setting is just as important as acquiring the skills to complete the jobs.

Reflecting on their experience with previous Apprentices, Nathan shared, “We have been able to hire very moldable Apprentices, allowing us to really maximise the potential of our people. This has also led to Apprentices advancing to MD and head of team roles.”

We also explored how Secure Power utilises Apprenticeships to enhance learning opportunities for their employees.

Nathan commented, “The academic work alongside an Apprentice’s workload is a good method of adding a reflective aspect to day-to-day work, aiding in the development of critical thinking and evaluative skills.

For employers considering hiring their first Apprentice, Nathan offered valuable advice: “I recommend investing as much development time into your Apprentice as possible; take the first six months slowly to allow the Apprentice to settle and build basic workplace etiquette skills that we all take for granted.

Regarding their experience working with The Sheffield College, Nathan remarked, “Working with The Sheffield College has largely been positive. The materials and resources the Apprentices have access to are great.”

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