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Lewis Coleman

Published: 18th January 2022

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After more than a year of online learning from the inside of my bedroom, I was ready for the next step of my life to provide me with an exciting challenge, which a Marketing Apprenticeship at Sheffield Forgemasters has provided.

I left school aged 16 then entered into three years of Journalism studies at college before I discovered the intriguing opportunity that Sheffield Forgemasters was offering through a Marketing Apprentice position.

The learning I gathered whilst studying Journalism, along with the experience I gained with Sheffield Eagles as part of their media team provided me with the confidence to apply for the position, which has proved to be a worthwhile decision.

After surprising myself by being offered the position in my first-ever professional interview stage, I was excited to join the company shortly after it had been acquired by the Ministry of Defence.

The takeover of the business pleased me, the company has secured its future for decades to come and with the exciting plans currently being mapped out behind the scenes, I believe I couldn’t have chosen a better time to join Sheffield Forgemasters.

The overlap between journalism and marketing has been supported by my previous work experience and I am enjoying the development of new skills through the day-to-day of working life in addition to valuable insight, which cannot be taught in a classroom.

I have recently begun my off-the-job learning with The Sheffield College which provides me with a great balance of learning alongside like-minded individuals once a week at the college.

This is backed up by the constant development I am undergoing at Sheffield Forgemasters with a talented and experienced group of people who made me feel welcomed into the group immediately.

The support provided to me by the company has been brilliant and I am thankful that I have joined an organisation which is providing me with everything I need for my role.

My college learning will help me as I aim to achieve an initial Level 3 Qualification in Digital Marketing, before I complete my four-year apprenticeship with Sheffield Forgemasters, where I hope to be offered a continued role with the company in a marketing position.

Earning a regular wage whilst constantly learning new skills in a supportive environment is proving to be a win-win situation for me and I would recommend an apprenticeship with Sheffield Forgemasters to anyone considering it.


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