Get ready to jump into your dream job with an Apprenticeship

Published: 6th February 2024

Ready to get out of the classroom and train for your dream job in a real workplace? Keep reading to find out exactly what an Apprenticeship is and the key info you need to apply and get one step closer to your career ambitions.

Apprenticeships explained

Simply put, an Apprenticeship is paid, on-the-job training where you will develop the exact skills and knowledge you need to perform a specific job role.

They’re designed with employers’ input, so you know that you’re learning the skills that companies are looking for. Once you complete your Apprenticeship you’ll have tonnes of work experience to add to your CV and hopefully help you snag the job of your dreams!

What can I study?

You can study an Apprenticeship in virtually any subject you think of! We currently have Apprenticeship programmes available in 12 sectors, ranging from Brickwork, Carpentry and Engineering, through to Business Administration, Healthcare and even Floristry!

What grades do I need?

The exact grades you’ll need will depend on the level of Apprenticeship you choose (these vary for intermediate, advanced etc.) but typically you will need a minimum of Grade C/4 in GCSE English and Maths or be willing to work towards these alongside your Apprenticeship.

Some employers may also list specific requirements on their vacancies, so make sure to double check these when you apply!

How do I apply?

There are a few ways you can find an Apprenticeship but the easiest way is to check out the live vacancies on our Apprenticeships website – these are all employers who are actively looking for an Apprentice, so you can apply directly to the positions that interest you!

Once you’ve applied, our Apprenticeship Recruitment Team will help prepare you for an interview, and once you’ve snagged the position you can start your Apprenticeship.

What can I do after?

The best part about an Apprenticeship is that the whole time you’re training, you’re adding vital skills, knowledge and work experience to your CV so that when you come to look for a full-time job, you’ll have everything an employer is looking for.

Whether you stay on with the employer you did your Apprenticeship with, or move on to other opportunities, you’ll be in a brilliant position to enter the workforce.

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