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Sheffield City Council

Published: 29th May 2024

We have recently had a chat with Stephen Hunt, Employability Project Manager at Sheffield City Council about all things Apprenticeships and how their partnership with The Sheffield College, Apprenticeships+, has helped to create new talent for the organisation.

Sheffield City Council is a prominent local authority organisation with around 8,000 employees, they partner with us to provide Apprentice opportunities in Gas and Plumbing.

We started off our chat by asking, why did they choose to use The Sheffield College, Apprenticeships+, as the training provider?

Choosing The Sheffield College as the training provider was a logical step for the Council, given the proximity to the housing repairs service and “the positive past experiences with the college.

Following this, we discussed what the council looks for when selecting an Apprentice.

They look for someone who has “a good positive attitude, a great willingness to learn, an interest and passion in their chosen trade, someone who is open and honest and has good core values.

As the Council has a large workforce, we wanted to understand what benefits they saw in hiring an Apprentice and why they choose to offer Apprenticeships, alongside full-time and part-time employment.

Stephen highlighted a variety of benefits to hiring an Apprentice, they like that they’re “able to train them on our ways of working” and that hiring Apprentices is great for “succession planning.” In addition, the council pride themselves in “creating opportunities for young people across the city of Sheffield.”

We then asked if the Council had any advice to employers who were considering hiring their first Apprentice.

The first piece of advice was to have a “clear plan in place”, following this, Stephen mentioned that it is important to “have the right infrastructure in place to support them correctly (i.e. mentors, team leaders and buddies).” The final piece of advice was to “make sure that there are enough jobs for them to fulfil their portfolio to meet the standards.”

Our final question focused on advice to prospective Apprentices.

Those who are considering undertaking an Apprenticeship should do some “research the company”, this will allow them to have a clear understanding of the type of business they’re entering. Stephen also suggested that they should “make sure you’re prepared to commit 100%.

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